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Project Vitayatash Building, Pitayapat Building, abd Seminar Building
Owner Sukhothai Thammatirat University
Consultant Plan Architect Co., Ltd.
Contract Price Baht 121,125,000 (US$4,845,000)
Period 578 days
Build four reinforce concrete building for Office, and Seminar.  The project are completed with Electrical and Mechanical system.  The Vitayatash building equip with sound system, sound prove partition, 3 mini theaters, and furniture.


Project Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd.
Owner Sanko Fastem (Thailand) Ltd.
Consultant EMS Consultants Co.,Ltd.
Contract Price Baht 6,358,170.30
Period 100days
2 stories office Building.
Electrical,sanitary,water supply,
air conditioning system and miscellaneous.


Project Phama Care Co.,Ltd.
Owner Phama Care Co.,Ltd.
Consultant D&D Group Co.,Ltd.
Contract Price Baht 21,479,034.50
Period 8 months
One 1 story concrete reinforcement office building.
- One 2 stories concrete reinforcement warehouse.
- One 2 strories concrete reinforcement mechanical building.



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