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Founded in 1968, WENCO first known to the public as one of a few firms pioneering in land development and residential contractor investment which distinguished herself from the mere land development industry prevailing in the early 1960's. Not happy about only being involved in the real estate business, WENCO soon started to launch her activities in the construction circle in 1971. Soon she was defunct Officer in Charge of Construction, U.S. Army (OICC), which was the multi-billions dollars client who once nestled many construction firms which are still playing leading roles in the construction circle.

During such period in working with OICC, both high qualities of workmanship and materials are required special attention. Moreover the shortage of the construction material and the ever fast growing construction business led to the imported of materials from oversea, among them is cast iron pipes and fittings. WENCO, then, decided to set up her Cast Iron Foundry Division and opened her foundry in late 1971.The company has gone through series of engineering improvement and modernization, she has achieved not only to be one of the leading manufacturers in the line of Cast Iron pipes, but also in the field of exclusive cast iron products in Thailand. Her products have been widely use in all type of industries ranging from high-rise building, hotel, condominium, waste water system, factory and etc. Her products, bearing the trademark "W" which symbolizes quality and excellence, has been distributed not only within Asia, but also to the Middle East.


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