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About Us

J. Consultant & Management Co., Ltd. (J.C&M) was founded in April 1990 under the umbrella of a well reputable construction company named Waltzen Enterprise Co., Ltd. Her first objective is to provide engineering consulting and designing services to the private sector. The company continues to fulfill her objectives and serve both local and international firms. Not long after founded, J.C&M diversified herself under the support of the Mother Company, and soon started to launch her activities in the private sector construction circle.

In order to compete with other competitors in term of high quality and contract cost, J.C&M 's goal is to upkeep the efficiency: in form of well planning, managing and well supervising. To achieve this goal, she has employed a team of highly qualified engineers; each graduated from a well respectable university both in Thailand and in the United States, and each with many years of experience behind him. Up to this date, J.C&M 's professional capability covers wide ranges of engineering services i.e. construction, engineering and project management, engineering design and project consulting. Her clients cover all ranges of business i.e. building, factory, infrastructure and etc.

J.C&M has never stopped applying modern technology to her works and will continue to do so. It is her policy to keep abreast with the engineering standard, both in term of quality and workmanship, as well as to provide first class service to her clients at their best interests.

Mother Company : Waltzen Enterprise Co., Ltd
Affiliated Division : Waltzen Enterprise Co., Ltd. - Cast Iron Foundry Factory
Affiliated Company : Metinee Property Co., Ltd



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